About Us

At Bagover.com, we aim to offer news, entertainment, how-tos, and tips that surround all things related to luxury handbags.

We are purse fanatics and lovers of both new and pre-loved handbags. As advocates of sustainable fashion, we are committed to curating a line of trendy and classic pre-loved items in hopes they will be rediscovered and given new life; find these in our shop.

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Charity Program

Simple; we believe in giving back. Bagover is committed to donating a percentage of all profits to women’s shelters all across America. Women and/or families who may be homeless or displaced due to domestic violence or other life-altering situations.

The donations will be utilized to pay for daily meals, counseling, preventative and primary healthcare, access to job readiness programs, and much more. Our love of vintage and pre-loved handbags can create an opportunity to give back to women’s communities. Providing a chance for a do-over at life is the best gift we can offer.